Summer Training

Summer training information will be different this year (2017).

Summer Practice meet ups will begin June 12th at 4pm. This will continue all the way until June 30th.

Starting July 2, we will meet at 3 pm at Newport High School at the Track. This will continue all the way until school starts in August.

Update for the week of July 31: It is hot out.

Run in the morning or at night when the sun is setting.

Tuesday 8/1: 9am at Newport
Wednesday 8/2: 7pm practice at Newport (family members welcome)
Thursday 8/3: TBD
Friday 8/4: TBD
Saturday 8/5: On Your Own

If you don’t show up to these then please run on your own, we have 3 weeks until the season starts officially, now is not the time to stop running.

LR=Long Run
Example: Run-70= 70 Minutes of running
Tempo=Faster than normal run pace
Fartlek= Normal run pace, Alternate to Race pace, Alternate back to run pace
1,4,1,4,1,6= 1k, 400, 1k, 400, 1k, 600 (workout)
8,12,4,16= 800, 1200, 400, 1600 (workout)
Ogre= Hill Workout
1k= 1,000 Meters

NC=North Creek  MS= Mount Si  NP= Newport  B= Bothell  E= Eastlake  W=Woodinville Sky= Skyline
Ing= Inglemoor  I= Issaquah


If you have any questions, please email or call Coach Lafler.

Jonathan Lafler
(206) 380-0424