Welcome new XC Boosters and Action Requested

If your student is running Cross Country, then you are (automatically) a member of the Booster Club—Welcome!

The XC Booster Club supports our athletes and the coaches by fundraising to provide:  race day snacks (those athletes are HUNGRY), hosting the end of season banquet, giving coaches awards and spiritwear.  XC Boosters also raises funds for spikes, spike bags, timer, watches and team supplies like KT tape, TheraBands, and dumb bells.  This year we hope to have enough additional funds to replace the damaged team tent from last year and also purchase new spirit banner with the CHARGE mantra.  The sports fee that is paid online only covers the expense to run the program.  All the other items mentioned above require funds to be raised by XC Boosters.  We need your help!

Please bring your check book to the 8/23 meeting to pay the tax-deductible recommended minimum $75 per athlete fee.  Full participation avoids secondary fundraisers.  Booster Club officers will be available outside the gym from 6:30 PM to 7 PM to take payments and answer questions.

Payment Methods:

Parent Volunteers are needed immediately for: 

  • Potluck Banquet Chair(s)— This is simple! There is already a playbook to bring the event together smoothly.
  • Fundraising chair(s)— responsible for organizing fundraisers and keeping donations top of mind.

Newport XC Boosters Board Contacts: